Violent Shiver

Into the fire, half heart, you appoint me lover
With a cord around your neck
Can I ever love her?
You try your best to just stay sane
I try to placate with no shame

Exhale out, breath in
Mark return to sender
Fucking up on a five-year bender
I can only trust, only believe
That our pleas will be the same

We found a way
(Always should)

Tearing it up
Go now across the mighty river
All the way to your father’s pillar
Make a mark for me in the stone
Where the weeds have overgrown

Let’s go down, no talk, with a violent shiver
Attack first you always deliver
if I go down with a gun too my head
Just remember what I said

We found a way

Always Waiting

You’re always working
You said God is working
You’re always searching
You said devil’s lurking

Baby, don’t wait!
I would love to see you

My eyes see you steady falling
You let the sinners outdo us all

You’re always praying
But nothing’s changing
You’re always waiting
But I’m not waiting


Where’d you get them clothes?
Where’d you get them shoes?
Last time I saw you, you were singing them blues
Where’d you get that scar
Where’d you get that bruise
You had it all you just had to choose

She don’t mind the whirlwind coming
And she ain’t looking down the road
And she don’t mind a lonely man
But she do mind not eating for days

Where you walking now?
Where you wanna go?
It’s alright girl to tell him no
I don’t know what’s going on in that head
But I do know what’s going on in that bed

Why do you need someone to love you to love yourself?
Sometimes I find we all need help (I got plenty of empty bottles girl)
I’ll see you in the morning Margeaux dear
And if I don’t it will all be clear

Slow Coming

At the top of the hour
Today in the news
A little girl is shot down
While tying her shoes

Honestly how can I be proud right now
To tell you the truth, I ain’t been sleeping to well

Although our parents 
Fought to be equal
The state decides true love
If they only new it

Honestly how can I be proud right now
To tell you the truth, I ain’t been sleeping to well

Today he gets five stars
For learning to read
To bad he’s not from here
He better learn to weed

Even though computers are taking up my time
Even though there’s satellites roaming in space
Even though my phone predicts the whether
We still can’t help you

The future is slow coming

Wicked Waters

Well, I’m tired of feeling guilty 
Just for wanting a little bit more (a new foundation)
I work until I fall down
Then I work a little bit more
When I was just a small boy
Oh, I wanted it all (a new foundation)
But now I would be happy
To just be standing tall

My heart is feeling empty
My legs are feeling week
My heads lower then yesterday
I stumble when I speak
I’m afraid I’ll never be nothing
Then I remember James
Oh, James!

I am what I am
I’ll make it on this run
I’m a new beginning
I will learn to love

You woke me from a stagnant bliss
To say we had a child (a new beginning)
We’ll raise this one the right way honey
We’ll raise him to be wild
We’ll teach him ‘bout our brokenness 
And the things we wish we knew (a new beginning)
He’ll stare at us with spiteful eyes 
And make those mistakes to

Have You Seen My Son?

You told me that the world is full of sinners
And placed a bible at my feet
I could hardly understand you
I had just learned to chew my meat

I heard that you were calling on the lord
Asking for answers, for some relief
I heard that you were calling out my name
And that you cried for a whole week

Saying have you seen my son?
He’s lost in the world some where
I pray for him every day
But I know he ain’t seen your ways

As I got older
It never got any better
I said I’m trying to find some truth in this world
I know there’s things that you wont understand

We fought all the way from Florida
Down I-10 to New Orleans
I said God must love everyone
Even the one’s the church loves the least

Spoon Out My Eyeballs

I would listen to the radio if I liked songs produced by 40 year olds
In high tech studios in the valley
Give me something that I can tap my toes to 
And scream at the top of my lungs
Till it sounded like I’ve been smoking from the day that I was born
And you know that I would clap my hands until they’re red
And sacrifice my body to the beat of the drum
Sonic rounds would spoon out my eyeballs
And my feet would be glued to the floor

My head was high then
Higher than today
It was easy to believe in something
When I didn’t know a Goddamn thing
I close my eyelids 
And wait for the clouds to part 
And the sun to shine on me

Do you remember April 17th
When I lost my shit and a couple of teeth
And I said “Oh, God” I need someone to help me
Keep moving on my feet
It’s getting harder to be real

Happy Homes

Christ, it’s another
She passed through the world
Then she died in a gutter
By the Hillsborough River
With the sun on her back
Near the car that killed her

I’ve been thinking about her
Right now I’m still thinking about her
Does her mother know her daughter’s gone?
Is she down on her knees no crying?

It’s alright baby, rest your head now
We all end up on the side of the road

Was she born to a happy home?
Two dogs, an account for college
She left home when she was just 16
Roamed the streets till the day I saw her

I’ve been thinking about her
right now I’m still thinking about her
I can see her lonely face
Gotta hope there’s a heaven

However I meet you, darling
Well, I hope that it’s sooner than later
It’s safer in the darkness?

I Thought I Heard You Screaming

It’s a lonely walk
With a load like that my girl
You ain’t seen no love since that man walked out your door

Harder, still, 
You think you can’t tell no one
You’re God died back in ‘94
With a needle, with a needle and a gun

Caught your leg on a branch from a willow tree
You got blood in your eyes, girl
Thought I heard you screaming—

That man took every part of me
I lost my will along the highway—marker 54
She said “oh, they don’t make men like that no more”
Honey, they sure don’t

Set yourself on fire so high so high
I could feel your heart was speeding
Did you love me or was it the drugs?

And the life we’re living now will surely bury me

Old Hearts

Excuse me sister
Thought I heard you call my name
Though we share the same mother
I know things ain’t been the same

When the fiends of the world are calling
Will you be my friend, my friend, my friend

And it’s hard to see you dying
When I’m feeling so alive
Saw a chorus of angels
Singing songs about old hearts

We’ve all got secrets
But I’m the one to blame
I stand by the street at night
Wondering if we’ll be okay

Kids Never Growing Older

Holy nation,
What have you done?
An Invasion
Left your only son drowning in the water
As the seas were rising
And his lungs filled up 
And he begged you for mercy
And you give him none

Don’t say they never told you
Shame of the nation
Kids never growing older

No Redemption
Oh, I’m coming up
And you had the nerve to ask me to forgive you
But I can’t

When I get there 
To a better place
They say don’t drink the water

There’s a lesson to be learned my friend
No one makes it out alive
But if I can call you my friend
I can have some peace of mind

By The Evening

Well as of right now I am feeling like packing up my things and leaving
By the evening I will be long gone

Two coats of heavy paint won’t hide the rows of rotting wood
You know this city’s dying
By the evening I will be long gone

If you’re looking for some kind of freedom
You’re taking every chance, but I see now
By the evening I will be long gone

I’m quitting music. Nick fucking Cave just destroyed me.

Clarksdale and Sun Studio! Clarksdale and Sun Studio! Clarksdale and Sun Studio!

Clarksdale and Sun Studio!

Ladies and gentlemen. The great Paul Baribeau and Ginger Alford.

Top:  Alex Spoto and I somewhere in the middle of Virginia Bottom: View from Carroll Gardens (the best place to have a spliff). Photos by Max Norton. Top:  Alex Spoto and I somewhere in the middle of Virginia Bottom: View from Carroll Gardens (the best place to have a spliff). Photos by Max Norton.

Top:  Alex Spoto and I somewhere in the middle of Virginia Bottom: View from Carroll Gardens (the best place to have a spliff). Photos by Max Norton.